Slideshow: 8 pillboxes that connect to your phone

By Jonah Comstock

Philips Medication Dispensing Service

Philips Med Service

Similarly, Philips offers a large medication dispenser designed for aging in place seniors, to be filled regularly by an adult child or caregiver. The Philips unit calls the caregiver when medication needs to be refilled, when the patient misses a dose, or when the power goes out in the patient's home (the dispenser continues running on a back-up battery). With the Philips device, the caregiver actually loads the dispenser with prefilled dose cups, which the machine deposits out a chute at the allotted time.

Both the e-Pill and Philips dispensers are connected, but not cellular. They need to connect to the user's phone line, which makes them difficult to use for people who travel or lead more active lifestyles.

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