Five mobile health projects on Indiegogo

By Jonah Comstock

LifeBEAM's SMART cycling helmet

LifeBeam SMART

A recent report on wearable sensors suggested that to be adopted, they either need to be stylish or built into something you'd wear anyway. To be safe, every cyclist should be wearing a helmet anyway. LifeBEAM's innovation is to build a heart rate sensort right into that safety headgear.

Having previously developed smart helmets for fighter pilots, LifeBEAM has adapted that technology to the world of cycling. The helmet contains a three-axis accelerometer and an optical heart rate sensor located in the front of the helmet, which can read the user's pulse from their forehead. The company promises to transmit the data in realtime to smartphones, smartwatches, and cycling computers.

In the future, the company wants to build in additional sensors, and even incorporate a native heads up display, like in fighter pilot helmets. With 47 days remaining, LifeBEAM is just $10,000 shy of their $50,000 goal.