Liveblog Day 2: Congressional hearing on FDA regulating apps

By Brian Dolan
06:09 am

We are live blogging day two of the Congressional hearings on FDA regulation of mobile medical apps. Hit "refresh" on your browser every few minutes for updates! (Liveblogging is now concluded!)

1200PM: With that Rep. Pitts concludes the hearing after saying it has been a very interesting hearing on an important issue. Members may have follow-up questions and they have 10 business days to submit questions and witness are asked to respond to them quickly. Adjourned!


11:59AM: Bialick adds that we should not think about this just as a rural area opportunity. Telehealth is helpful in occupational health and other areas among urban populations and others, too.

11:57AM: Rep. Bilrakis now asks about how these technologies can help reduce medical costs. Smith says telehealth and telemedicine can help reduce costs absolutely and cites data from NEHI and others. Bilrakis next asks Smith whether technology can help enable doctors to treat more patients and new patients. Smith says it is especially true for patients in remote areas and/or to save trips to the emergency room. Smith says it is not enough to have the technology in place but the payment reform is necessary to drive adoption. If providers don't get paid for it, they won't use it.

11:55AM: Rep. Gingrey says these apps don't draw blood, they are not invasive, they just provide information. They are just giving alerts to people, he argues.

11:53AM: Bialick says increased regulation will mean less apps will be free. Changing the regulation will mean the business model for health apps will need to change.

11:52AM: Rep. Gingrey asks who makes mobile medical apps? Smith says companies building apps are all small. He's met with a thousand of them. They are usually naive about the bigger problems, he said. It is not enough to solve the problem they are setting out to solve but to do so in the face of the wider issues of the healthcare system. (Only small companies? Really?)


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