Liveblog Day 2: Congressional hearing on FDA regulating apps

By Brian Dolan

11:21AM: Rep. Hall up now. He asks Bialick how technology can make the lives better of new parents and newborns. He then specifically asks how mobile medical apps and devices might do that? Bialick says babies with congenital heart defects are super users of the healthcare system. Right now to stay at the center of your care you need to be the one to coordinate your care yourself. Bialick says mobile apps allow us to do that. We can now hold in our hand the electronic record not just because we now have increasing access to our information, but being able to bring it with you to different providers enables you to get to answers more quickly. Hall says that maybe if babies could count (sheep?) they would be able to go back to sleep.

11:20AM: Just lost the feed here!

11:18AM: Rep. Christensen from Virgin Islands asks Bechtel for some more good news about meaningful use and health IT. Bechtel obliges.


11:17AM: (Really frustrating technical issues going on with the live feed.)

11:15AM: Rep. Shimkus and Bialick now discussing remote care, nursing call centers, and eICUs. Shimkus draws parallels between telemonitoring via video conference technology in clinical settings to mole apps. How does that (telemonitoring technology) get regulated, he wonders.

11:14AM: Rep. Shimkus is harping on the IOM report Appendix E comment that suggests all health IT be regulated as Class III medical devices.

11:12AM: Rep. Shimkus pushes Bialick to explain all the different things that happens to an app if it becomes regulated by FDA. After getting a number of answers from him, he prompts: They get taxed as medical devices!


11:10AM: Bialick says no one entity should regulate mobile medical apps. It's too complicated. (Feed cut out but I think Waxman said that if there is too much shared responsibility then nothing will get done?)