Liveblog Day 2: Congressional hearing on FDA regulating apps

By Brian Dolan

10:32AM: Bialick from Newborn Coalition is up next. He's reading his testimony too. (TESTIMONY) He says mobile apps are important to helping parents and providers care for newborns. Pulse oximeters are especially important to monitor babies with heart issues when at home. Apps can capture readings from remote monitoring devices. Lets parents take less time being nurses and more being parents. Bialick says that FDA draft guidance is not risk-based enough. Health information management apps and actual medical devices need to be distinguished. Be foolish to think integration of consumer technologies and health devices won't happen. We need to think about regulation fo technology differently. Flexible enough to regulate what we are using today and adaptive enough to future. A new regulation framework is daunting, he says, but existing regs not enough.


10:30AM: Bechtel citing Blue Button for VA members. Citing patient experiences that Blue Button had helped them prevent medical errors and potentially readmissions. Simple but powerful innovation that will help consumers play a powerful role, she said. Ensure that every provider in country has health IT, she says. Expand meaningful use to home health and other areas. Along with pay reform it will help transform healthcare, she said. (No mention of FDA and medical apps. Puzzling.)