Liveblog Day 2: Congressional hearing on FDA regulating apps

By Brian Dolan


10:00AM: Today's hearing is being held by the Health subcommittee within the Committee on Energy and Commerce. The witnesses and links to their written testimonies can be found below:


> Joseph M. Smith, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Medical and Chief Science Officer, West Health Institute TESTIMONY
> Jacqueline Mitus, M.D., Senior Vice President, Clinical Development and Strategy, McKesson Health Solutions TESTIMONY
> Mr. Jim Bialick, Executive Director, Newborn Coalition TESTIMONY
> Ms. Christine Bechtel, Vice President, National Partnership for Women and Families TESTIMONY
> David Classen, M.D., Chief Medical Information Officer, Pascal Metrics, Associate Professor of Medicine and Consultant in Infectious Diseases, University of Utah School of Medicine TESTIMONY

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