Two new initiatives take gym workouts mobile

By Jonah Comstock
01:37 pm

Matrix 7xiTwo companies made announcements this week that would tie together the increasingly popular world of fitness apps with the increasingly high-tech workout machines found in gyms across the country -- fitness startup MyFitnessPal and fitness equipment maker Precor.

MyFitnessPal, an online diet and fitness managing tool which can also be accessed via mobile apps for Apple iOS, Android, and BlackBerry and Windows, announced a partnership with NetPulse, a developer of software for fitness equipment, and Johnson Technology, makers of Matrix Fitness equipment.

NetPulse partners to provide software for eight major fitness equipment manufacturers, including Johnson. Its technology brings television channels onto workout machines as well as providing virtual workout experiences. NetPulse's NetPulseOne web platform, which allows gym members to access their data across different machines and at home, is integrated with several apps and fitness trackers, including Fitbit, MapMyFitness, and Aetna CarePass. MyFitnessPal has already been added to that list and, will soon be linked directly into machine consoles as well. Johnson Technology's new Matrix 7xi series of cardio equipment consoles will also integrate with MyFitnessPal, automatically syncing workout information to the user's account.

According to a press release from MyFitnessPal, the data sharing will be two-way, so that users can both import data from their workouts into the application, and view the MyFitnessPal application while working out on machines.

Netpulse, through its acquisition of Virtual Active, has previously worked with Rock Health graduate BitGym on connecting virtual workout experiences to fitness equipment.

Another fitness equipment maker, Precor, made a number of announcements about its Preva open online fitness tracking platform, which aims to promote engagement with workout tracking, goal-setting, and achievement badges. Most notably for MobiHealthNews readers, the company announced a forthcoming iPhone app, Preva Mobile, that will allow users to track their workouts, on both Precor and non-Precor machines, as well as other kinds of exercise including group classes and hiking.

Precor is also partnering with health and fitness rewards startup EveryMove, so that users can earn EveryMove rewards points directly by working out on Precor workout machines. EveryMove incentivizes healthy behaviors by offering gift cards and merchandise in exchange for points accrued for active behavior.


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