Liveblog: Day 3 Congressional hearing on FDA regulating apps

By Brian Dolan

We are live blogging old school today: Hit the refresh button every few minutes for updates! (Liveblogging is now concluded!)

10:26AM: The hearing is now adjourned! Apparently they cut it short to vote.

10:25AM: Final question goes to Mostashari from Burgess around why the ONC doesn't just make interoperability happen.

10:23AM: Rep Griffith is now asking about the diagnostic device that was recently in the news that uses a smartphone to detect parasites in children. Griffith says if you regulate it how much would this $8 device cost after it was regulated? Foreman says the FDA is not in the business of pricing medical devices.


10:21AM: Rep. Griffith is now up after a lengthy EHR discussion between Tonko and Mostashari. Griffith asks Foreman if the FDA has talked to the IRS about the medical device tax in relation to medical apps. Foreman says it sent the IRS some ideas about that, Griffith asked for a copy of that letter. Griffith asks that while FDA has no plans to regulate the apps and devices that Rep. Waxman asked about, might it change its mind in the future? Foreman says only if those examples become medical devices or are causing some kind of safety risk.