Apple's picks for top 42 iPhone fitness apps

By Brian Dolan

Pumping Weight -- $1.99

Pumping Weight

From the app description: "Variation is key for long term fitness improvement. Continuously surprising your body and increasing the workload makes your body react -- not getting stuck in old routines. And for that purpose a workout log is invaluable. With this app you know when you’re on the right track, no matter what workout regime you’re on. The rest, we leave up to you." Includes illustrations and instructions for 200+ exercises, with variations. MORE

Boot Camp Challenge -- $3.99

Boot Camp Challenge

From the app description: "Veteran U.S. Army Trainer and Certified Personal Trainer Lori Patterson guides you through a progressive 18-day program that will get you results quickly, safely, and effectively. Each day combines cardio, stretching and muscular endurance training into one challenging workout. Every one of the 200+ exercises include video DURING YOUR WORKOUT, so that you can always double-check your form." MORE

Teemo: the fitness adventure game! -- Free (used to be $2.00)

Teemo Fitness Adventure Game

From the app description: "Climb Everest! Hike the Inca Trail! Sail the Caribbean! Teemo’s adventures transport you and your friends to exotic virtual locales where you’ll help each other get fit in real life! Teemo is designed to make getting in shape more fun, social and efficient. By combining short-and-sweet exercises, exciting adventures and socializing with friends, Teemo turns fitness into the kind of playful, encouraging activity it should be." MORE

Gorilla Workout: Fitness Aerobic -- $0.99 -- "signature workouts" are an additional $0.99/each

Gorilla Workout

From the app description: "Gorilla Workout is a fast-paced, no-equipment grouping of over 40+ exercises. Our daily body-weight only workout routines combine cardio and strength training interchangeably, to achieve maximum results in a short amount of time. Each exercise targets specific muscle groups to help you strengthen and tone your core, abs, chest, back, arms, and legs, and melt away excess fat. With no need for gyms or fancy equipment, every workout can be done in the smallest of spaces and in practically any location. This is the perfect fitness app for people who want to get in to seriously great shape, lose weight, and gain strength without breaking the bank." MORE

Map My Fitness+ Workout Trainer -- Free (premium upgrade $5.99/mo or $29.99/year)

MapMyFitness Workout Trainer

From the app description: "The ultimate fitness tracking app – track over 600 types of activities. Easily track calories, distance, time, route, pace with audio alerts and much more!" MORE

Fitocracy - Free daily workout tracker -- Free

Fitocracy Free Daily Workout

From the app's description: "Fitocracy motivates and empowers you to succeed at fitness and level up in real life. We make exercise fun! Track your workouts, earn points, unlock achievements, beat quests, and slay the laziness dragon. Join the best fitness community on the planet and become the person you were meant to be." MORE