Apple's picks for top 42 iPhone fitness apps

By Brian Dolan

Apple's Top iPhone Swimming Apps

Speedo Pace Club -- Free

Speedo Pace Club

From the app's description: "The Speedo Pace Club is a swim training application, featuring training modules for all level of swimmers. Swim coaches Terri Mckeever, Dave Salo, Jeff Pease and Cyndi Gallagher played a role in developing the programs and also feature in training videos that are available to help improve your technique. Also within Pace Club is a specialized social network for swimmers called Swim Team, where you can build your team, high five friends comments achievements and leave words of support for other swimmers. If you don’t know where your closest swimming pool is or are travelling, Pace Club also features a pool finder. And for Masters Swimmers, a Team finder." MORE

Freestyle Swimming -- $2.99

Freestyle Swimming

From the app's description: "Welcome to the world's premier freestyle swimming app by Ben Titley. Ben is the Great Britain Head Olympic Swimming Coach and Head Coach to multiple World, Commonwealth and European record holders and champions. With help from athletes such as Joanne Jackson, Fran Halsall, Ross Davenport, Caitlin McClatchey, Grant Turner, Liam Tancock, Jack Marriott and Elizabeth Simmonds, he will help you understand the swimming stroke of freestyle." MORE

Beach Weather -- $2.99

Beach Weather

Certainly the oddest choice Apple made for a "let's get moving" app. From the app's description: "The best iPhone app for your summer holidays! Check the weather at your favorite beaches. BeachWeather for iPhone contains several thousands coastal cities throughout Europe, Mexico, Brazil and the United States." MORE

Waterkeeper Swim Guide -- Free

Waterkeeper Swim Guide

From the app's description: "The Waterkeeper Swim Guide makes it easy to explore and enjoy the best beaches in these areas -- Alabama, Alberta, British Columbia, California, Charleston SC, Connecticut, Florida, the Great Lakes, Greater Boston MA, Maryland/Chesapeake Bay, New York, the Ottawa River region, parts of Oregon & Washington states, Saskatchewan, and the Shenandoah River Valley (VA, and West VA). We add new beaches every week. You can list the beaches closest to you, browse the map, or search for a beach by name. Every beach is marked with a Green, Yellow, or Red icon so you know when a beach is open for swimming and when the water quality is poor." MORE

Swim Coach Plus -- $2.99

Swim Coach Plus

From the app's description: "Technique is the key to swimming success and enjoyment. Swim Coach Plus is an easy to use, new generation performance development tool - a powerful video coaching app enabling swim coaches to provide beginner to elite swimmers and triathletes with immediate visual feedback during training sessions and competition. Create new super slow motion videos of single, dual or overlay clips with voice over and drawing annotations included." MORE