Apple's picks for top 42 iPhone fitness apps

By Brian Dolan

Apple's Top iPhone Walking Apps

Walk Tracker Pro -- $2.99

Walker Tracker Pro

From the app's description: "Whether you are walking for leisure or trying to burn calories, Walk Tracker will track your route and make sure you get to the goals you set. Seeing your progress over time can be a powerful motivator. That’s why Walk Tracker has combined a fully customizable activity planner with training history, calorie graphs, audio feedback and in depth workout plans with targets. As you exercise you can see your time, pace, speed, calories burned, training intervals, splits, view map in real time, take photos, listen to iPod music and receive audio feedback on your progress." MORE

Kinetic GPS -- $3.99

Kinetic GPS

From the app's description: "Kinetic is the Swiss Army knife of GPS tracking and timing: configurable, expandable and beautifully designed. The perfect iPhone app for running, cycling, hiking, walking or simply tracking where you go." MORE

Trails -- $3.99


From the app's description: "Trails is the first GPS app that allows you to record, export AND IMPORT tracks directly on your iPhone! Prepare and review your outdoor adventures on the iPad (easy exchange between iPad and iPhone). Record your hikes, bike trips or jogs directly on your iPhone. Easily import tracks by simply searching on popular GPS websites such as and to find hikes and jogs of other users and follow their tracks on your iPhone." MORE

WalkJogRun GPS Running Routes -- $4.99

WalkJogRun GPS

From the app's description: "WalkJogRun helps you find the safest routes to run, exercise without injury and stay motivated, whether you need a change of scenery or are on vacation and unfamiliar with your surroundings. WalkJogRun has the most accurate iPhone GPS and more than 1.6 million running routes available worldwide, or you can create your own. It’s the perfect companion to use when working out!" MORE

Walk Watch - GPS Walking -- $1.99

Walk Watch GPS Walking

From the app's description: "Aimed at users who require top-class GPS navigation directions and easy route management for fitness, Walk Watch, the best walking app for walkers will help you walk faster, be healthier and live longer. It can be used for walking, cycling, running and more. Walk Watch continually records your time, location, pace, elevation and these data will be presented intuitively to help you manage your fitness better. All of your walks will be organized by routes and date. Statistics will be summarized by month." MORE

All-in Pedometer -- $0.99

All-in Pedometer

From the app's description: "The Pedometer is the perfect feature-rich tool for monitoring your workouts. To help you reach the best possible results, a figure tracker was built into the app: The tool accurately tracks every change of your body’s shape and provides you with visually compelling pictures of your progress." MORE