Diabetes Design winner: Glimpse of the mHealth future

By Brian Dolan
10:24 am

Diabetes Mine just announced the winner of its 2009 Diabetes Design competition: the LifeCase and LifeApp solution for the iPhone. Two students designed the iPhone case and accompanying application that takes connected diabetes management beyond "a single logging, data calculation or learning application," which Diabetes Mine said characterized most other iPhone-based entries. Diabetes Mine said this service represents a "glimpse of the future" since its takes "the integration of diabetes devices to its fullest conclusion." iPhones outfitted with this case and app enables the device to function as a glucose meter, controller for your pump and data logging application all in one. It also has the built-in capability to share the data across various platforms. Finally, the case includes a lancet and testing strip storage.

Of course, the first question is why iPhone only? Well, it's not. The creators claim the case could be modified to work with any smartphone. Also, the prototype device is not only a glimpse of the future, as Diabetes Mine put it, but also an actual working model.

Check out a video demo of the device in action after the jump. 

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The winning team will receive $10,000 in cash, a mini-workshop with the design and innovation firm IDEO, and one ticket to the "innovation incubator" Health 2.0 Conference this fall. Non-profit California HealthCare Foundation provided the funding for the prizes.


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