Noom Walk, an all-day pedometer app for Android

By Aditi Pai
07:28 am

Noom Walk Android appNew York City-based Noom launched a new Android app, a pedometer that tracks steps throughout the day while running in the background and only occupying about 3 percent of the phone's battery life.

Noom Walk counts steps throughout the day. Because it does not leverage GPS, the app uses less battery life. After tracking steps for 24 hours, Noom Walk uses around the same battery life as a GPS-enabled app will in three minutes, the company says. The app also includes some social features to share results with others who use the app and motivate friends.

"Noom Walk is a true pedometer app -- counting your steps 24/7," co-founder Artem Petakov told MobiHealthNews in an email. "[We are] playing in a small field where [a competitor app] Moves for iOS is playing, but [Noom Walk] is about 10x more battery efficient still."

Last December, Noom raised $2.6 million led by m8 Capital, a UK-based first that invests exclusively in mobile technologies. Other contributors included Qualcomm Ventures, Harbor Pacific Capital, and former Nexon executives. Since their conception, the company has had two high-profile seed investments of undisclosed amounts: one from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (through their iFund) and one from Qualcomm Ventures' Qualcomm Life Fund. The company was founded in 2007 as WorkSmart Labs, but changed their name in 2011.

Noom's portfolio includes six other healthy lifestyle apps, two of which have 18 million downloads, according to the company. The first, Noom Weight Loss Coach costs $9.99 per month and walks the user through a weight loss process, from steps walked to meals eaten while CardioTrainer is free and helps users track workouts.

While some apps within Noom's portfolio such as Noom Weight also have the pedometer, the company pulled the pedometer feature out for users only looking to track steps. Petakov compares the difference between Noom Walk and Noom Weight to Facebook Messenger and Facebook.


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