Which digital health devices have brick-and-mortar shelf space?

By Aditi Pai

fitbit ultraAT&T

The MobiHealthNews team saw a rare bird of flight at the AT&T store, where the short-lived Fitbit Ultra was still on the shelves. As we predicted two years ago, health sensing baby clothes are still not on the shelves despite what other reports said in 2011.

  • Fitbit: Fitbit Zip, Fitbit Ultra
  • Jawbone UP

Verizon Wireless

Upon finding the fitness device section at a local Verizon Wireless store, an employee offered discounts for Verizon Wireless subscribers on the Jawbone UP, Fitbit Zip or Fitbit One, if we added them to a phone purchase. Yet again, Fitbit Flex was sold out.

  • Fitbit: Fitbit Zip, Fitbit One, Fitbit Flex (out of stock)
  • Jawbone UP