WellDoc's BlueStar secures first mobile health reimbursement

By Brian Dolan
05:18 am

WellDoc BlueStarLast August -- almost a year ago now -- The New York Times reported that two insurers had agreed to pay $100 a month in reimbursement for use of WellDoc's mobile-enabled diabetes management program. The report, which sourced WellDoc's president Anand Iyer as its source, expected the payers to begin supporting the "mobile integrated therapy" in early 2013.

This morning WellDoc launched a new product, BlueStar, which it says is the first mobile health product to secure reimbursement as a diabetes therapy that will be adjudicated as a pharmacy benefit like other prescription products. The pricing details have not yet been disclosed.

WellDoc's BlueStar will become available to employees at a number of Fortune 500 companies, including Ford Motor Company, Rite Aid, and DexCom, who have decided to offer it as a reimbursed program for their employees and their dependents with diabetes. The companies have added the BlueStar to their prescription benefit plans, which are managed by various health plans and pharmacy benefits companies. Of course, a healthcare professional needs to prescribe BlueStar to one of these employees before they can use it.

While WellDoc refers to its new offering BlueStar as an FDA-cleared product, the FDA has not posted a new 510(k) clearance for it in its database yet. WellDoc has registered the name BlueStar as one of the FDA cleared products it makes and in all likelihood it has a very similar feature set to WellDoc's previously FDA-cleared DiabetesManager offering.

According to the company, BlueStar is leveraging the WellDoc Automated Expert Analytics System and it provides real-time motivational, behavioral and educational coaching for diabetes management. It also offers smart blood glucose testing, healthy diet and exercise choices, medication adherence, and quality standards of care such as A1c tests, foot exams, and blood pressure and lipid levels.

WellDoc says BlueStar will be made available nationwide as a reimbursed, prescribable mobile therapy later this year.


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