Withings commercially launches Pulse, its first activity tracker

By Aditi Pai
12:38 pm

withingspulseLast week, Withings commercially launched Pulse, an activity tracker, which the company first announced at CES in January. The tracker is available for pre-order at $99.95 from the company's website.

Pulse is unique among activity trackers in that it can auto-detect when you start running and as the name suggests it can measure your pulse. Nike+ FuelBand is rumored to get a similar pulse measurement feature in its next iteration.

Pulse -- which is Withings' first activity tracking device --  measures heart rate, tracks activity, records sleep and syncs to an app that also helps users log food. From this information, the tracker will have enough data to show the user how each of the different aspects of his or her life affect each other. For example, how less sleep leads to weight gain or fitness affects food intake.

As an activity tracker, Pulse can either be clipped to your clothing, put in your pocket, or held. It keeps track of steps, burned calories, elevation climbed and distance traveled. While sleeping, Pulse is meant to be worn as a wristband and tracks the time the wearer slept deeply, lightly and what the sleep cycle suggests about his or her sleeping patterns. The back of Pulse has a heartrate tracker that will show real time updates of a user's pulse when pressed and held. Battery life lasts two weeks and the Pulse weighs just eight grams.

Last year, BodyMedia partnered with Withings to integrate weight data from Withings’ WiFi scale into BodyMedia's dashboards and apps.

In 2011, the FDA cleared Withings' iPhone connected blood pressure cuff and last year it cleared Withings' weight scale.


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