BlackBerry application aims to keep teeth whiter

By Brian Dolan
11:27 am

BlackBerry Health Application App World5C-Mobile is giving BlackBerry users a new reason to smile -- Bright Smile Toothbrush Timer and Oral Care Guide, a mobile application for the "health-conscious." The application includes a toothbrush timer that indicates how long each section of the mouth should be brushed and also includes detailed oral hygiene guidelines that cover brushing, flossing and general oral care. 

The Bright Smile Toothbrush Timer and Oral Care Guide is available for BlackBerry mobile phones at the BlackBerry App World. It can also be downloaded from 5C-Mobile's own app store:

While 5C-Mobile probably won't have to worry about this for a few years, last month at the BodyNets conference, mobihealthnews met Rice University assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering Lin Zhong whose team is testing a toothbrush that uses wireless sensors to actually determine how well users brush their teeth. The sensors keep track of the duration of brushing as well as whether the brusher is using the correct motions.

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While we wait for the wireless toothbrush to hit the market, read more about 5C-Mobile's app, and check out the company's press release.


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