Podcast: Fitness trackers and activity monitoring apps

By Brian Dolan
04:55 am

Brian Dolan, Editor MobiHealthNewsThis week we pushed live our latest edition of The MobiHealthNews Podcast. Over the past few weeks MobiHealthNews writer Jonah Comstock and I discussed the world of wearable activity tracking with an impressive group of entrepreneurs working in that space. We covered issues ranging from wearability, fashion, and battery life to pricepoints and next steps. What would an Apple iWatch do to the fledgling wearable activity tracker space? Are startups developing fitness apps better positioned than those making dedicated devices? Are zombies the key to sustained fitness app engagement?

We touch on those and more.

In this week's 22 minute podcast Jonah and I speak to execs from BodyMedia/Jawbone, Misfit Wearables, Basis Science, RunKeeper, Zombies, Run!, MOVable, Moves, and more. This fitness devices podcast marks our fourth audio show this year, which has included a podcast on Self-Diagnosis, mobile health regulation, and a Q1 review, too. You can download or stream The MobiHealthNews Podcast over at iTunes -- right here.



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