New miCoach sports tracker due out from Adidas

By Aditi Pai

miCoach xcellAdidas' is poised to launch a new activity tracker, the miCoach X_Cell. The recently cleared FCC filing was first spotted by Engadget.

Users can wear the X_Cell with a textile strap across the chest or with miCoach compatible apparel, such as a Techfit shirt. The device measures acceleration, change in direction, jump force, heart rate and workout time. Information from the activity tracker can be transferred wirelessly to the miCoach Sports app.

The X_Cell, like many other activity trackers on the market, doesn't require regular battery charging, according to the user manual. The battery will last 5 months in active mode and 18 months in inactive mode, or, 150 hours of active life.

Other products from Adidas' miCoach line include shoe-worn Speed_Cell, miCoach heart rate monitor and coaching companion miCoach pacer.

Adidas subsidiary Reebok has been involved in sports tracking recently. The company announced a fitness app earlier this year that generates customized fitness plans. In May, Reebok partnered with wearable sensor developer MC10. A few months ago, MobiHealthNews spotted its current activity tracker, Reebok Fitness Dual Heart Rate Monitor on the clearance aisle.

According to Juniper Research, app-enabled smart wireless accessories, like the miCoach X_Cell, will approach 170 million by the end of 2018, compared to over 18 million this year.