Slideshow: 11 free apps that might be eating away at Weight Watchers' earnings

By Aditi Pai
12:44 pm

weight watchersWhen Weight Watchers held its second quarter meeting, Chief Financial Officer Nicholas Hotchkin addressed the company's declining earnings, accrediting some of the loss to the "sudden explosion of interest in free apps and activity monitors". While there are countless free apps that track diet and exercise, where are dieters turning to watch their weight?

Weight Watchers claims it built its business and helped "millions of people around the world lose weight through sensible and sustainable food plans, exercise, behavior modification and group support." We compiled a list of diet apps from Apple App Store and Google Play store, most of which offer some of Weight Watchers' listed offerings. Weight Watchers' two apps made both the Apple and Google lists, but many of the other nutrition apps beat them to a top spot. All the apps listed are in the Apple App Store and Google Play store, but indications at the top of each subhead show which stores include the app in their top 50 list.

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal (Apple, Google)

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Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker allows the user to enter a daily diet history from the over 3,000,000 items listed in the app's database. The news feed shows which of the user's connected friends are reaching their goals as well as how close the user is to his or her goals. MyFitnessPal, which recently raised $18 million from investors, also integrates with other fitness apps such as Endomondo Sports Tracker, EveryMove, RunKeeper, Runtastic, Rhythm Pulse Monitor, Striiv Smart Play Pedometer and Digifit.

Run with Map My Run (Apple, Google)


While exercise is the prominent feature in this app, it also includes a nutrition section for runners to budget caloric intake, track weight and enter food and drinks into the log. The app offers the chance to post workouts of Facebook and Twitter as a "Bragging (optional!)" feature, or keep the data private. All the info syncs with so users can log in to see more results or connect with the MapMyFitness community. MapMyRun also integrates with many wearables and fitness apps, like Nike+ FuelBand and Fitbit.


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