LUMOback 3.0 adds calorie tracking, sleeker sensor

By Jonah Comstock
09:19 am

New LUMObackLumo Body Tech, makers of an app-connected posture sensing belt, launched a new, overhauled version of its LUMOback sensor today. The new sensor is a significant hardware upgrade and also includes new tracking capabilities and app features.

The company has redesigned both the belt and the sensor unit to be lighter, smaller, and more comfortable than the first generation of the unit. The shell of the sensor is made of a tougher material and the belt is more elastic. The battery, which previously lasted between four and five days, now lasts between five and seven days, according to the company.

The app has been redesigned with a new, tile-based interface, but its approach to tracking and measuring has also changed.

"Our older V.2.3 app focused on the user's posture and bodily movement in real time," the company writes on its support page. "Our new version, V.3.0 collects all of the user's data and records it from the past day, week, month, and even year. [Version] 2.3 focused on the now, whereas 3.0 shows you now as well as the past."

Perhaps most interestingly, the company has added additional tracking. At least since its Kickstarter campaign last year, the device has tracked walking, running, sitting and sleeping as well as posture. Now, however, it also tracks the number of times the user stands up each day and calculates calories burned.

The new version has replaced the original LUMOback, which is no longer being sold online. It still retails for $149.95 and is compatible with iOS devices from the iPhone 4S onwards. Lumo Body Tech raised $5 million last December, bringing the company's total funding to $6.3 million.

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