Basis adds more Android phones, limited iPhone app

By Jonah Comstock
08:04 am

Basis appWhen Basis Science finally launched the companion app for its high-end wearable activity tracker in June (three months after launching the device), the company surprised users by launching Android-only, with the promise of iOS to come.

Now, Basis has rectified that omission -- sort of. Last month the company announced, and has now launched, a stripped down version of its Basis Band companion app for iOS, to tide over users until the full version is developed.

"By focusing on just your top requests, we are able to get the Basis Sync iPhone app out much faster than if we waited and implemented all the functionality of your web dashboard (on which you can always explore your data and manage habits)," the team wrote on their blog. "Rest assured that we’ll be hustling to add functionality to the Basis Sync for iPhone app. Expect to see regular updates to the app with cool new features."

The Basis Sync app allows users to sync their device wirelessly with an iPhone 4, 4S, or 5 or an iPod Touch, one of the top requested features according to Basis. It also allows users to check certain key stats, such as resting heart rate and Healthy Habits progress, at a glance. Finally, the app syncs the Basis Band's watch function with the iPhone, allowing the Basis to automatically adjust to new time zones. For the other features available on the Android app, iOS users will have to rely on the Basis web portal.

In other news, the company announced support for an additional three Android devices this week: the LG Nexus 4, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and the HTC One. The company previously announced support for the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Samsung Galaxy SII, Samsung Note II and Samsung Note.

In response to a comment on their blog, the Basis team said they had no plans to support Windows phones, but would consider it if there were a large demand.