AMA: Mobiles help docs give IT a second chance

By Brian Dolan
06:21 am

iChartThe American Medical Association's AMNews just reported on the Manhattan Research report from last month that found 64 percent of doctors now use smartphones. The article, however,  includes some interesting insights from the report's authors as well as from some doctors who have led the trend by using smartphones to access medical records and more.

"You have to make it very easy for the average doctor," Denis Harris, MD, a solo orthopedic surgeon from Washington, D.C. told the AMA. Harris reportedly runs most of his practice from his iPhone. Dr. Harris, who is 63 years old, told the AMA that many physicians who have previously avoided health IT adoption are revisiting the technology now that some of it has gone mobile. 

"You prefer to do things where you need bigger visuals on your PC, but if it's useful to you because you are on the train or between patients, whatever it is, it seems to be good enough to do it on your mobile phone, which mirrors the consumer world," said Monique Levy, senior director of research for Manhattan Research.

The article closes with some quotes from C. Peter Waegemann, who founded the now defunct Medical Records Institute and now serves as Vice President of Development of the mHealth Initiative. Interestingly, Waegemann tells the AMA that the mHI is "working to secure federal stimulus funds to launch pilot programs that will show the cost savings and advantages of mobile applications for physicians and patients."

For more, read the entire article over at AMNews.


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