6 baby activity trackers announced this summer

By Aditi Pai
05:30 am
Mimo onesie with device Mimo onesie and "turtle" device

Last week, Boston-based Rest Devices, maker of a smart baby monitor attached to a onesie called Mimo launched a campaign on crowdfunding site Dragon Innovation. The baby monitor connects to a smartphone and tracks the baby's respiration, skin temperature, body position and activity level and offers an audio feed in real-time.

But this isn't even the first baby tracking device that has come out in the span of two weeks, let alone over the summer. Since June, various baby monitoring devices have entered the market. These products, while all smartphone connected, range from diapers to even a teddy bear.

Here's a roundup of this summer's baby tracking products that MobiHealthNews has found.



Launched last week, Mimo has thus far raised $29,000 of its $200,000 goal and has 25 days left in the campaign. The early bird price for the wearable is $100.

Mimo is a system that starts with a tracking monitor in the shape of a turtle, which attaches to a white cotton onesie equipped with machine washable sensors. The team advertises the safety of the attachable turtle, which is too big to swallow, yet safe to chew. To upload information, the turtle can attach to its 'lilypad,' which has Bluetooth Smart connectivity.

With the data collected, the connected app can process and run long-term analytics about the baby’s sleep trends and development over time. The app also provides alerts to let the user know if there are changes in breathing patterns, body position, temperature levels, or whether the baby wakes up.

The Mimo app will be available for both iPhone and Android.


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