Wireless health leader Dr. Eric Topol now "Rockstar of Science"

By Brian Dolan
11:07 am

Dr. Eric Topol in GQWe have heard the West Wireless Health Institute's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Eric Topol referred to as a "poster child" for wireless health and he's also an easy contender for most influential thought leader in the emerging industry, but last month when we heard he'd be appearing in GQ magazine, it was the first time we heard him referred to as a "rock star."

GQ highlighted Dr. Topol and just a handful of other scientists as the "Rockstars of Science," for an ad campaign that paired leading scientists with famous musicians.

Topol told Heartwire he participated in the campaign because it was for a good cause.

"Science and medical research, in particular, don't get much regard from the public, especially in comparison with entertainment/music," Topol said. "We need to improve its image, get young people to pursue this career path, and ameliorate the funding for such efforts to impact the future of medicine."

While the caption stresses Topol's genomics-related accomplishments and positions, here's hoping Topol's participation brings more interest to wireless health initiatives. If nothing else, though, we look forward to seeing more fashionably dressed attendees at wireless health events moving forward.

(Photo: Dr Eric Topol poses with Seal and Dr David B Agus. Photo Credit: Ben Watts)

For more on Topol being a Rockstar of Science, read this article from Heartwire.


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