Startups share early data at Rock Health's 5th demo day

By Aditi Pai
10:34 am
Entrepreneurs in Rock Health's 5th class Entrepreneurs in Rock Health's 5th class

San Francisco-based digital health accelerator Rock Health put on its fifth demo day this week. Rock Health announced the class in June and the accelerator ran until this past week when companies made presentations to show how they have grown in the past three months. Of the 11 companies, 10 presented at the demo day.

This class had some high profile startups, like Augmedix, which uses Google Glass as a platform and Smart Patient, founded by former Google Chief Health Strategist Roni Zeiger. Some companies have just opened funding rounds and others have finished product trials and shared interesting data at the Demo Day.

Rock Health also announced that since the SEC lifted a ban on public fundraising announcements, like Smart Patients made during their presentation, it is partnering with online funding platform AngelList to create a special fund that will allow accredited investors the option to back the 10 companies that are graduating from Rock Health's program this week.

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Companies shared updates on how they spent their time in Rock Health's program.

Amplify Health


Amplify Health's founder, Eric Page wrote in May that to increase adherence and eventually outcomes was to focus on building strong relationships between patients and providers. Through communication and data analysis, his company uses a pay-for-outcomes model to provide results and lower costs. At Demo Day, Page used the example of Economist Edwin Chadwick who convinced the British to fix the mortality rate of the prisoners they were shipping to Australia by paying the ship for how many people got off the boat alive. Today, Page said, the "ship captains of today are primary physicians."

While an "EMR is good at parroting back what should happen," his company will combine medical data of what should happen with claims data, which is what actually happens, and show outcomes. If the same person  goes off the plan, fails to pickup medication and uses urgent care, Amplify Health finds these deviations and "helps patients avoid $50,000 mistakes". In June, MobiHealthNews reported Amplify Health already worked with one customer, Paladina Health Clinic. As of September, the team has at least worked with five, although Page only specifically named Redirect Health.


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