21 types of health apps the FDA could regulate but won't

By Aditi Pai

#2 Reminder apps for pregnancy, smoking and more


"Mobile apps that provide periodic educational information, reminders, or motivational guidance to smokers trying to quit, patients recovering from addiction, or pregnant women;"

Like the first exception, this type of app will relay reminders and information without prescribing any medical advice or directly telling the user to follow the tips. There are many pregnancy tracking apps and smoking cessation apps currently available in app stores. BabyBump pregnancy tracker from Alt12 Apps offers reminders to pregnant women. BabyBump is available for download on Apple iOS, Android and Palm devices. The app helps parents track and share their stage of pregnancy. The app’s features include a due date calculator, personal countdown screen with weeks and days left for each trimester, weekly schematic embryo picture of your baby, weight and waist tracker, mood and symptom tracker, an social media notification settings. Last year, the app developers raised $1.2 million