21 types of health apps the FDA could regulate but won't

By Aditi Pai
06:14 am

#9 Some symptom navigator apps

WebMD iPhone app

"Mobile apps that use a checklist of common signs and symptoms to provide a list of possible medical conditions and advice on when to consult a health care provider;"

It's seems important to note that with this type of app, it doesn't give the user a concrete diagnosis, just some possible suggestions. WebMD has been offering this kind of service online and on its apps since 2009. Last year, WebMD made news with the announcement of its Health Assistant addition to Independent Blue Cross' (IBC) member portal. Similar to its other programs, the Health Assistant will provide IBC members with an interactive wellness program, combining an online health risk assessment with a digital coach that will give daily tips, and also allow the user to set personal goals and track their progress in achieving them.