Guitar Hero founders' new exergame system now on sale

By Aditi Pai
09:28 am

BlueGojiThe exergame product from Blue Goji, a health startup from Guitar Hero creators Charles and Kai Huang and financial software OpenLink founder Coleman Fung is now available for purchase for $99 from the company's website.

Blue Goji has three components. The first is an app, Goji Play, that will soon be available on iOS. The second component is a set of wireless controllers that can be attached to any fitness machine, including an elliptical trainer, treadmill, or exercise bike. Finally, the user is given an activity tracker to wear while exercising. From there, users can play a variety of games designed for Goji Play while the tracker sends data to the app.

CEO of Blue Goji, Kai Huang told AllThingsD that part of the challenge was limiting how much the games would listen to the tracker, to keep the games fun while still providing positive feedback during the workout.

Currently six games have been released and another two are coming soon. The games currently available allow the user to try their luck at slots, snowboard down a mountain, drive a car or go for an adventurous bike ride, all while tracking the player's fitness level. Only one of the games out so far, APO Snow, isn't free -- the app costs $0.99.

Thanks to a partnership with the company, this launch also includes exclusive benefits for MyFitnessPal members. Members who purchase the product can earn prizes as a top performer, such as sling packs and free future versions of Goji Play. MyFitnessPal members also get early access to future versions of Goji Play, and can interact with Goji Play developers on dedicated forums.

To use the equipment, users need iOS 6.1 or above and either an iPad, iPod touch, iPhone or iPad mini.

A similar product, BitGym, which came out of the Rock Health accelerator, recently finished a campaign on Kickstarter for its smartphones and tablet based program that displays virtual runs while the user works out on a treadmill, exercise bike, or elliptical. While BitGym doesn’t connect to the exercise machine, it gauges the user’s speed using the tablet’s front-facing camera, so it can be used on any workout machine.