Fitbit Force blurs the line between tracker and smartwatch

By Aditi Pai
08:17 am

FitbitForceFitbit officially announced its new device, Fitbit Force, which was leaked last week. It will be available from "select retailers" in three to four weeks at $129.95.

As part of a future update, for iPhones 4S and higher that are running on iOS 7, users can choose to receive incoming call notifications on their Fitbit Force device if the phone is nearby, a feature common on smartwatches.

The new LED display rotates between time, steps, floors climbed, alarm, distance, calories burned and very active minutes. Very active minutes refers to times spent being active at medium to high intensity. The device still measures sleep quality and can also vibrate, providing the user with the option of using the device as an alarm. The Fitbit Force also has an altimeter, which can more accurately measure floors climbed.

It syncs wirelessly anytime the device is within 20 feet of the wireless dongle, which is included with the purchase of the Fitbit Force and plugs into a USB port, and the battery will last from seven to 10 days.

Fitbit Force comes in two sizes, small, for wrists that are five to seven inches around or large, for wrists that are six to eight inches around.

The companion app for the Fitbit Force, available on iOS and Android, will help the user make and track long range fitness goals. Some of these include daily step goals, lifetime distance achievements and daily climb achievements.


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