MIT Media Lab alum Frank Moss joins mobile brain injury rehab startup

By Aditi Pai

ConstantTherapyFrank Moss, former MIT Media Lab professor in the New Media Medicine group and co-founder of Bluefin Labs, has joined app developer Constant Therapy as the Chief Strategic Advisor.

Constant Therapy develops iTherapy, an app available on the iPad which provides rehabilitation tools and solutions for those suffering from stroke, head-injury, or dementia, or children with language, cognitive, behavior or learning disabilities. The app runs on cloud-based programs and analytics so that clinicians can be a part of the experience and perform patient assessments, monitor progress and make adjustments to patient therapies.

Moss is also heavily involved in collaborative chronic disease management platform Atelion Health, a company he co-founded and MIT Media Lab spinoff. Atelion has been through clinical trials at major hospitals including Mayo Clinic and Boston Medical Center. Within the next few months the company will launch the website and within the next year, Atelion's commercial platform is expected to launch. Moss told MobiHealthNews his choice to take on another project, working at Constant Therapy, was only because it was a particularly interesting company.

"I get approached by a whole lot of companies that have health IT technologies," Moss said. "I'm trying not to overload myself, but every once in a while that I see a company that I think is so worthy that I just cannot help myself. Veera and Swathi from BU came to me and said 'Can you help make this a reality?' When I heard this story, I couldn't help but throw my hat in the ring."

Throughout his career, Moss was focused on creating the "models that go behind mobile health," which would allow people to "really take better control of their health by being given tools that enable them to help change their behavior".

During his time at the MIT Media Lab, Moss was involved in creating startups including EyeNetra and Moss said the overriding theme that tied his experiences that the MIT Media Lab together was collaboration.

"It's not going to be all about people being their own doctors...It's about collaborative tools and helping them work together," he said.

Now in a strategic advisor role at Constant Therapy, Moss, an entrepreneur by background, has experience developing companies and wanted to use that experience to increase accessibility of the product.

"I think it is the balance," Moss said. "There is tremendous consumer demand, where the consumers themselves will be so anxious to get ahold of this tool. We need to reach more and more people and have them use this tool. We need to leverage their skills in a much better way, proving a model to those consumers with traumatic injury. That's the goal for the next six months to the next year -- bringing together clinicians and consumers who need it in a model that can then be scaled."

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