iHealth wireless glucometer finally on sale

By Jonah Comstock

iHealth pulse oximeteriHealth Labs, a subsidiary of China-based Andon Health, has finally released it's Bluetooth-enabled, smartphone-connected glucometer first announced nearly a year ago at CES in Las Vegas. The device, called the Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System, received FDA 510(k) clearance in April.

The device connects via Bluetooth Low Energy to a companion app on an iOS or Android smartphone. The app gives the user instructions on using the glucometer, which contains a lancet and comes with replaceable test strips. As soon as the user takes a glucose reading it is displayed on the device screen and automatically transferred to the app, which keeps a record of all readings.

iHealth Labs president Adam Lin told MobiHealthNews that in addition to it being wireless, the glucometer's small size and "sleek and cool form factor" will set it apart from the handful of other smartphone-connected glucometers on the market.

"I think with someone living with diabetes, you really have to have it with you all the time," he said. "We really felt like that travel companion piece was key. Not just for putting in my bag, but when I do any business traveling I can take this with me."

The Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System currently has its own companion app, distinct from the MyVitals app which connects to many of iHealth's other products, such as weight scales and blood pressure monitors. Lin said at some point the company plans to merge the two apps. He said this is part of an ongoing strategy to emphasize health over lifestyle.

"It may not be apparent now, but our goal is really to tell the story and help patients and consumers understand the relationship between heart health and diabetes," he said. "If you're hypertensive, there's a really good chance that you might get diabetes. We're beginning to realize that the various vitals that come into play will all have a relationship with one another."

The device is available on iHealth's website and also in Best Buy stores. While other iHealth products are carried at the Apple Store and Target, the glucose meter will only be available at Best Buy initially. The company said it will soon be available at a "leading national drug retail chain." It costs $79.95, which includes 50 test strips and 25 lancets.