Social health network HealthKeep adds iOS app

By Aditi Pai
08:27 am

HealthKeepSocial health network HealthKeep has announced a new app available on iOS. The portal within the app offers users a chance to get feedback from other patients and doctors.

Notably, people posting on the network are anonymous. Forum topics range from low-carb recipes for people with diabetes to pain management associated with Multiple Sclerosis.

"The release of our app validates the rapid growth of our platform," founder of HealthKeep Lyle Dennis said in a statement. "We think of HealthKeep as a social personal health record or diary where people can share and exchange personal health experiences."

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Other features in the app include access to an customizable social feed of what people are sharing on the network; a database of diseases, medications, symptoms with topic pages for each; profiles for every practicing doctor in the United States; and a messaging system that alerts users whenever something specifically relevant to them is posted.

Another health social network, Prevently, launched last month. This health network offers four main features on top of its social component: contributed health content, an e-commerce platform for purchasing non-pharmaceutical supplements, two-way virtual physician visits, and a personal health record that also connects with some fitness devices.

Also in October, online and mobile “social health management” platform WellTok acquired healthcare incentive design and management firm IncentOne to provide population health managers with a better way to offer consumers personalized rewards for healthy behaviors.


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