MoHCA, C-PAHC now the mHealth Initiative (mHI)

By Brian Dolan
08:27 am

The Medical Records Institute (MRI) announced yesterday the formation of a new non-profit, The mHealth Initiative (mHI), which is open to vendors, groups and individuals focused on the latest information and health application through mobile devices. MRI CEO Peter Waegemann and MRI Vice President Claudia Tessier announced the new initiative on the pre-conference day to the MRI's Towards the Electronic Patient Record (TEPR) conference in Palm Springs, CA.

"mHealth applications will save money, improve the quality of care and provide greater efficiency," said Tessier, a former executive director of the Mobile Health Care Alliance (MoHCA), who will now lead the mHI. "The mHealth Initiative will show the healthcare industry how this is possible," Tessier said. "Through mHI, we will create a roadmap for the new health ecosystem based on mDevices, new software, new interoperability solutions and secure wireless transmission."

Read on for more on the mHI's rival trade group and how you can keep up with all the mobile news streaming out of TEPR this week...

"mHealth will be the next revolution in healthcare," said C. Peter Waegemann, MRI's CEO and executive director of the mHealth Initiative. "It will create interoperability, save costs, bring the power of the Internet to the point of care and ... improve the quality of healthcare. We envision mainstream adoption beginning as early as 2009."

"Recognizing the need for potential value of an independent not-for-profit organization to lead efforts promoting development and adoption of mobile technologies in healthcare, Medical Records Institute's Center for Cell Phone Applications in Healthcare is passing the mHealth torch to mHealth Initiative Inc.," Waegemann said Sunday.

Last August MRI shuttered its MoHCA spin-off and transitioned that group to C-PAHC. At the time Waegemann told Digital Healthcare that C-PAHC was a "natural successor" to MoHCA. "MoHCA was a little bit ahead of its time," Waegemann said, "We think the time is now."

The mHealth Initiative has a similar focus to the Wireless Life-Sciences Alliance, which was founded by a number of industry vendors, including Qualcomm, and healthcare I.T. analyst group Triple-Tree. The GSM Association has also announced plans to launch a "global mHealth initiative" on the opening day of its tradeshow, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain later this month.

The mHI's launch is just the beginning of the mHealth news that is set to stream from the Wyndham in Palm Springs this week. TEPR's program includes three full days of mHealth-related panels and presentations. mobihealthnews will be covering the mobile side of TEPR, so keep your browsers pointed here for live, continous coverage. Also, shoot me an email at brian DOT dolan @ mobihealthnews DOT com if you'd like to meet up at the show.

Visit the mHI's new site here.
Visit the Wireless Life-Sciences Alliance site here.


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