Meet the 34 teams vying for the Tricorder X Prize

By Jonah Comstock

Tactio Health

TactioHealth -- Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Tactio is a health and fitness app company with a large portfolio. The company also sells third-party connected devices on its online store. Tactio apps track weight loss, blood pressure, activity, and diabetes. The company has never before built original hardware, though, so it's likely that it's in the competition with the intention of joining forces with another team.

SDSU X Team -- San Diego, California

The SDSU X Team is San Diego State University's entry. The team has been working on the tricorder since at least April, when the San Diego Union-Tribune wrote that the university had "pulled together 60 people from across campus and elsewhere to work on an entry that is among the most ambitious science and engineering collaborations in SDSU history. Participants include bioengineers, software specialists and business experts".

SMART McCoy (DNAmicroarray) -- Carlsbad, California

Named after the Starship Enterprise’s chief medical officer, SMART McCoy is representing CiBots, Inc., a company that builds virtual humans and avatars for day-to-day life and healthcare. The team is led by CiBots Founder and serial entrepreneur Babak E. Azad Ph.D.

Splendo -- Wassenaar, The Netherlands

The Splendo Foundation is a Dutch company founded just this year. The company seems to be seeking a partner in the competition. "Splendo ... hopes that the Qualcomm Tricorder X PRIZE will encourage participating teams to share knowledge and ideas to ensure the perfect Tricorder actually comes within hand's reach," they write on their website. "The result of the commitment in each team, but also that of the joint teams, will therefore be higher than the sum of its parts."

Team Gen Z -- Bellevue, Washington

Although Tricorder lists the team leader as Catherine Wong, Viirre tells us this team is actually led by Jack Andraka, the 16-year-old who famously invented a cheap and accurate sensor for detecting pancreatic cancer last year, winning the 2012 Intel Science Fair. Andraka's team is (or at least was as of March, according to the Daily Mail) made up of all teenagers, working remotely from around the world.

Team Aristaeus -- Davie, Florida

Team Aristaeus, named after a minor Greek god, is led by Rolando Branly, a professor at Broward College.

The Genie -- Dumas, Arkansas

Team leader Dr. Roger Mason works with Broadhaven Associates, a consulting firm. His Broadhaven bio states: "Based on his experience in surgical practice, Dr. Mason has developed three patented technologies to improve the delivery of healthcare. One of the inventions, the Genie, revolutionizes the effectiveness of the electronic medical record." According to that patent, the Genie is a "a computer-implemented interactive diagnostic medical records system operated in conjunction with at least one user device" such as a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.