5 crowdfunded apps, devices for health tracking

By Aditi Pai

RiseSmallLast month, we compiled a list of 9 companies that had new takes on self-tracking and were crowdfunding on Indiegogo. The list included Push, an armband that tracks force instead of just activity level, Angel, an open source activity tracker that lets the developer decide what the device should do, and TellSpec, a spectrometer-enabled food tracker.

Push passed its goal of $80,000 by $54,000 and Angel passed its goal of $100,000 by over $200,000, but besides Push, Angel and Tellspec, the rest of the companies on the last roundup did not reach their funding goals.

Since then, five other health products have been added to Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Many examples on this list also utilize different methods for health tracking and awareness, like a sensor that tracks sitting time instead of activity time and an algorithm that gets information from texting instead of an app to track nutrition.



ScanZ says it understands its user's skin, and that it can answer the three questions everyone with a blemish asks. One, 'when will it go away?', two, 'what should I do to make it go away faster', and three, 'if the user doesn't have a pimple, will he or she break out?' The system uses a device that scans the user's face and a companion app that answers these questions for the user. Algorithms within the app are based off Mayo Clinic's algorithms, which, ScanZ says, "mirror a dermatologist's process of solving skin problems." Users can track the progress of their blemishes on the app and also be prepared for what may happen in the future.

During the crowdfunding campaign, ScanZ is offering the device for $199, which is $50 off its retail price.