51 digital health metrics in 2013

By Aditi Pai
09:48 am

iPhoneviPadFlurry copyWearable device revenues to grow to $6B in 2018

Wearable connected device revenues will grow to more than $6 billion in 2018, according to findings from ABI Research. The survey tracked four areas: sports, fitness and wellness; home monitoring devices; remote patient monitoring; and professional (on-site) healthcare. More>>

Prediction: Wearables to lead the 515 million sensors to ship in 2017

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Research firm ON World released data from its mobile health and wellness sensor reports, which predicts that in 2017, 515 million sensors for wearable, implantable or mobile health and fitness devices will be shipped globally, up from 107 million in 2012. More>>

Health and fitness users prefer iPhones to iPads

Health and fitness “enthusiasts” still prefer the iPhone to the iPad, according to a Flurry survey of 44,295 users. The iPod touch was not included in the survey. App data services company Flurry currently measures activity on 397 million active iOS devices. The data came from apps with Flurry’s data-collecting software installed. More>>

Fitness app installs to grow 60 percent by 2017

Global sports and fitness app installations are expected to grow to 248 million in 2017 from 156 million in 2012, a 60 percent rise, according to a report from IHS Electronics and Media titled “The World Market for Sports and Fitness Monitors.” The three app categories incorporated in the report are running, heart rate, and multi-sport and activity tracking. More>>

Survey: 82 percent of clinicians to use both smartphones and tablets next year

According to a survey conducted by athenahealth subsidiary Epocrates, almost 50 percent of all clinicians in the US are using smartphones, tablets, and desktops — all three of these devices — in professional capacities throughout their workday. This second annual survey included responses from 1,063 clinicians in May. More>>

Report: 1.7B to download health apps by 2017

Mobile industry analysts Research2Guidance have come out with a report on health apps, predicting that in 2017, worldwide mobile health market revenue will total $26 billion. More>>

Flurry: Millennials use health and fitness apps more than other age groups

App data services company Flurry released statistics based on results from 15,000 iOS users in the US about how Millennials, defined as young adults aged 25 to 34 years old, and all age groups use smartphones. The data came from apps with Flurry’s data-collecting software installed. All categories surveyed, including Sports, Health and Fitness, rose steadily during the day and peaked in the evening. More>>

Juniper: More than 1 billion BYOD devices in 2018, more than half will have security software

A report from Juniper Research predicts that by 2018, 35 percent of consumer owned tablets and smartphones will be used for business. The bring-your-own-device trend, which is particularly prevalent in healthcare, will lead to more than a billion employee-owned devices in the workplace. More>>


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