Slideshow: BlackBerry Health and Fitness Apps

By Brian Dolan
12:05 pm

qxmdcardioShortly after BlackBerry's App World launched we noted that it had 34 applications in its Health & Fitness category. Since our last article two months ago, BlackBerry's App World has added four more health and fitness related applications, while Apple's iPhone App Store has added 96 health-related apps... just this past week.

Since the iPhone's App Store is hosted online and is accessible from any desktop (BB App World is viewable by BB users only), it's spawned a number of lists for health-related applications many of which are outdated as soon as they publish because of the growing number of applications hosted by the store.

Meanwhile, if the last two months are any indication, a snapshot of the applications available in BlackBerry's App World should stand the test of time at least for a while. In order to illustrate the types of apps currently available on App World, mobihealthnews compiled a slideshow of 14 of the 38 health and fitness related applications currently available from the App World online store.

The apps enable users to track anything from caloric intake to time in the gym, while fitness professionals as well as doctors, nurses and other caregivers can use some of these apps to track their clients' or patients' progress.

Calorie Count Nutrition Tracker


This application allows users watching what they eat to search through a database of tens of thousands of foods to find nutritional information. The app allows users to make healthy food choices on the fly, taking the guess work out of healthy eating. The database also contains foods from restaurants, supermarkets and fast food chains.

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