FDA clears Kinsa's connected oral thermometer

By Jonah Comstock
06:48 am

kinsaNew York City-based Kinsa Health has received FDA 510(k) clearance for its Kinsa smart thermometer, which raised $52,000 on Indiegogo last Spring.

Kinsa's device is not the first smartphone-connected thermometer to get FDA clearance: MobiHealthNews reported on the Raiing Wireless Thermometer's 510(k) clearance back in November 2012. Kinsa might well be the first smartphone-connected oral thermometer to receive clearance, however, as Raiing's device is a continuously-monitoring skin patch. Kinsa's device can be used, orally, under-arm, or rectally.

Kinsa's thermometer connects to a smartphone via a headphone jack, and uses the smartphone's electronics, allowing the device itself to be sold very cheaply. The company is now naming a $15 price point, which is actually $10 less than Indiegogo supporters paid for their device. The company hopes to use the thermometer as an entry point to create a realtime health map that tracks the spread of disease. The app will supplement the data it generates with public third party data, like data from the CDC, and data from private data partners.

"Over time, we're going to be able to create a device that's less expensive than the current non-connected analog," Kinsa CEO Inder Singh told MobiHealthNews in April. "The thermometer is the first thing people use. The idea is with just a few simple additional tools, you can track your child's history, communicate it with a doctor and it's on you at all time, on your phone. [...] We've designed this for parents and families first, because we know how hard it is to take care of a child."

At Health 2.0's DC to VC investor event, Singh shared that Kinsa is partnering to sell batches of branded thermometers for organizations to give away for free. They are already working with a children’s hospital, a large physician group, and have partnered with “the two largest thermometer distributors in the United States and Europe” to get Kinsa into stores. Kinsa won the consumer contest at the event.

Kinsa is currently conducting a private beta of the device, and taking online pre-orders, with plans to ship to the public in March or April. In addition to its $52,000 on Indiegogo, Kinsa has previously raised $2 million in seed funding from investors IA Ventures, Founder Collective, Andy Palmer, and Ed Park.

Raiing, meanwhile, has updated its website and is now marketing its FDA-cleared thermometer in two different forms: iThermonitor, a device for continuously monitoring babies for fever, and Smart Fertility Tracker, a device for helping couples conceive. The device is not yet available for purchase.

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