GreatCall launches app for caregivers of 5Star users

By Aditi Pai
05:59 am

GreatCall LinkGreatCall has launched an app, GreatCall Link, at CES, which connects those who use GreatCall's personal emergency response service 5Star with their family members. GreatCall Link is available on Android and iOS.

Later in January, the company says it will expand the service to link to Jitterbug Plus and Jitterbug Touch 2 users who also have the option of using 5Star right from their phones. Currently, the app only connects to 5Star devices.

For now, the app shows family members information about the 5Star dedicated device, such as whether the device is on or off, the battery level of the device, where the device is on a map, and if the button was pushed. It also provides family members with a record of all calls made from the 5Star device and and the status of each interaction with one of GreatCall’s National Academmies of Emergency Dispatch (NAED) Certified Response agents. In order to provide app users with a clear understanding of what's happening, each interaction includes the date, time and location on a map.

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For caregivers who look after multiple 5Star users, the app lets caregivers switch between different 5Star user accounts, and multiple caregivers can also connect to one 5Star account.

GreatCall also offers three other apps, which users can download on GreatCall's Jitterbug Touch 2 or another iOS- or Android-based smartphone. The first, 5Star, is the app version of GreatCall's personal emergency response device that costs $14.99 per month. Another, MedCoach, tracks a user's medication and vitamin schedule and offers users reminders to take medication on time. GreatCall's third app, Urgent Care, was launched a year ago and offers 24-7 urgent care, a medical dictionary and a symptom checker.

In February, GreatCall announced a partnership with Bosch to develop and market additional digital health and telehealth products.