Honeywell adds 4G, simplified video to Genesis Touch

By Jonah Comstock
04:47 am

Honeywell HomMedNew Jersey-based Honeywell HomMed launched a new version of its Genesis Touch wireless remote patient monitoring system, adding 4G connectivity and more efficient video visits to the platform.

The Genesis Touch 2.1 runs on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 platform. The original version of the device launched in February 2012 in the United States and included less advanced video features which could only run via the user's WiFi connection. Customers who elect to get the 4G connectivity can purchase a discounted data plan through Honeywell.

“The Genesis Touch has always featured integrated WiFi, which can be used to support the video functionality of the device,” John Bojanowski, president of Honeywell HomMed, said in a statement. “The new optional data plans are for patients who do not have WiFi access in their homes, but want to utilize the benefits of one-touch video, or for patients who want to take full advantage of the portability that 4G radio networks provide.”

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The one-touch video function will allow users of the platform to join a video conference with up to 12 members by pressing a single button. The simplified functionality is powered by online video conferencing company FuzeBox. Video conferencing could be used for to supplement at-home visits, educate patients, bring in specialists, include a family member or caregiver who is far away in an appointment, or update or change a care plan during a video visit.

In addition to the video conferencing features, the core offering of the Genesis Touch system is a hub for data from patients' connected vitals monitoring devices including the Honeywell HomMed connected scale, the ChoicemMed fingertip pulse oximeter, and the A&D digital blood pressure monitor. Honeywell HomMed's LifeStream Management Suite integrates the connected devices and the video conferencing into a cloud-based platform which allows patients, families, caregivers, and healthcare providers to access a patient's data.


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