Slideshow: 27 mobile health tools for tracking food

By Jonah Comstock
10:39 am

Nutrivise Here&Now


In 2012, Nutrivise created an app, called Here&Now, which it described as “a nutritionist in your pocket” for Bay area residents. Here&Now had several features beyond a standard calorie counter app. It allowed the user to input biometric data, health goals, and location, and the app would recommend local and chain restaurants. It could also tell the user how healthy a dish is, both in general and for the user, personally. The app was pulled from the app store when Nutrivise was acquired by Jawbone last year, but the future could see some of those features coming out in connection with the Jawbone UP.

The Eatery by Massive Health

the eatery

Jawbone has so far acquired two nutrition and food-tracking related app makers, Nutrivise and Massive Health, maker of The Eatery. The Eatery also had the phone's camera as the input mechanism, but rather than calculating the nutritional value with an algorithm, it crowdsourced the food rating. A community of users would rate each food as "Fit or Fat," turning food tracking into a social enterprise.

SuperTracker by the USDA

super tracker

SuperTracker is the USDA tool for food, weight, and physical activity tracking, but it doesn't include a mobile component. It is linked to the USDA's education initiative. SuperTracker includes nutrition information for over 8,000 foods and a side-by-side comparison tool for evaluating them.


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