Slideshow: 27 mobile health tools for tracking food

By Jonah Comstock
10:39 am



CRON-O-Meter is primarily an online tracker for diet and exercise, but includes a mobile app for logging on the go. The app includes a database of more than 10,000 foods and the app tracks over 60 nutrients for each one. Users can also create custom foods and recipes for their own account.

Noom Weight Loss Coach


This app features a personalized weight loss plan that offers a color-coded food logging system, exercise tracker, daily food and exercise tasks, programmable reminders and educational articles. The app also integrates with Facebook and Twitter, but doesn’t cite any other integration features. Noom just recently raised $4.1 millionNoom was formerly known as WorkSmart Labs, and it's calorie counting app was called Calorific.

Nutrition Menu by Shroomies


Nutrition Menu is built to log food both at home and at restaurants. It has 49,000 restaurant menu items in the United States and Canada and 51,000 entries for foods. The app also has features for water and exercise, and can aggregate the data into pie charts and status bars.


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