Slideshow: 27 mobile health tools for tracking food

By Jonah Comstock
10:39 am

My Food Diary


My Food Diary has a database of 80,000 foods, but the app really prides itself in the analysis of the data after it's collected. The app can tell you if it notices you haven't been getting enough calcium. Or it can it tell you how much weight you lost today, and how many days of dieting you would need if you lost that much every day.

My Diet Diary Calorie Counter by Medhelp


My Diet Diary tracks food in calories and nutrients and exercise. The app lets users view progress reports, customize weight goals and access a recipe calculator. It also offers a built-in BMI, the ability to set weight goals, view hourly weight charts and personalize the app with an avatar. The app also syncs the data to online health community Medhelp, which could be useful for people tracking their diet for reasons other than general fitness.


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