Apple patent points to iPhone wireless remote monitoring

By Brian Dolan

applepatentApple-focused publication MacNN's patent editor has uncovered a recently granted iPhone-related patent that covers wireless remote monitoring of vital signs. The first patent MacNN found is for the "technological make-up of a monitoring device" and a "transponder that reflects event data," which by example is presented as a mobile phone - heart rate detector system as well as a mobile phone - weight sensor, temperature sensor or chemical sensor system.  

A monitor device preferably includes an adhesive strip that provides for convenient attachment of the device to an object or person, the patent filing states. 

Another use case the patent describes is an in-home baby monitoring alarm system that includes a Band Aid-like sensor that would be attached to the child's foot. The device then synchs to the baby's body movement, breathing sounds, pulse or respiratory rate via the sensor. The device also sounds alerts and alarms when the baby's heart rate, respiration or pulse are absent. 

Apple files many more patents than they do launch products, so these patents should not be taken to mean a related product is forthcoming. Clearly, though, Apple has its eye on the wireless remote monitoring market more so than it seemed previously.

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