Patient engagement webinar; iWatch rumors

By Brian Dolan
06:59 am

Brian Dolan, Editor, MobiHealthNewsPatient Engagement Webinar: In two weeks we are hosting the next MobiHealthNews webinar on The Evolution of Digital Patient Engagement Tools. We're going to take a retrospective look at digital tools stretching back before the rise of the untethered personal health record a few years ago up until today. The presentation will include more exclusive data from our upcoming report on funding for patient-facing digital health companies as well as best practices for healthcare providers looking to improve their patient engagement strategy. The webinar kicks off at 2PM ET on Thursday February 20th -- register for free right here.

The increasingly health-focused iWatch? We've been finding ourselves writing more and more about rumored features and confirmed medically trained hiring for the rumored Apple iWatch. I've had a few calls with (very anonymous sources) this week, but, of course, interested to learn more. I'll be sharing some iWatch scoops and informed speculation soon. Drop me a note in the meantime, if you've got a fix on anything iWatch+Health.

Aetna Foundation donating $4M to digital health initiatives: I know a number of healthcare companies make grants available for various nonprofit digital health initiatives. Here's a new one -- Aetna Foundation has donated $1.2 million of a planned $4 million to various digital health projects, including Text4Wellness.

How long before every hospital device has an iPhone-connected peripheral equivalent? Here's one more device that attaches to hospital staff's iOS devices to help them inspect the cleanliness of surgical instruments: "The ProScope Micro Mobile attaches easily to an iPhone, iPad, or iPad mini and can visually detect the most microscopic imperfection or stain in surgical instruments. Unlike bulky magnifiers and hard to focus USB cameras, the ProScope microscope takes a perfect picture every time. With proper networking by hospital IT staff, the Proscope can archive images for future reference within seconds."


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