Shorts: NetMotion Wireless, Mobile health charts, more

By Brian Dolan
10:38 am

Keeping clinicians connected in-house: NetMotion Wireless provides software that maintains security and provides more seamless roaming when mobile users are moving between networks. It also keeps mobile applications up and running should a network disruption occur -- like when entering an elevator, maybe? Today NetMotion Wireless today announced that Wichita Clinic, the largest outpatient multi-specialty group practice in Kansas, has deployed Mobility XE software. NetMotion says its software helps healthcare professionals focus on their patients instead of troubleshooting their wireless devices. More

Mobile health charts: Ontario-based home care services provider Bayshore Home Health announced plans to launch a mobile electronic charting program developed on the MedShare (Ontario) eMotion platform. Bayshore says the transition will enable it to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and assist nurses and unregulated care providers deliver better care. The tool enables users to document at the point of care resulting in a secure, ongoing electronic history of encounters. More

mHealth snags 3 of 10 Forbes Top Tech Products: Forbes has a slideshow that features ten technologies that can "Save your life" including IntelliDOT, SmartPill and the OneTouch Ping device. If you haven't heard of these wireless health companies or devices yet, take a look over at Forbes. More

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Text 2 Survive: The Illinois Department of Health has launched a program called "Text 2 Survive" that uses SMS or text messaging to encourage people to get tested for HIV. Users can send a text message to the program's designated number along with their ZIP code to receive a text message from the program that provides info on the nearest HIV testing center. More


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