Voalte gets $36M for smartphone-based hospital comms, supports Android now

By Brian Dolan
06:16 am

MC40VoalteSarasota, Florida-based Voalte, which offers a suite of smartphone-based communication tools to nurses and other hospital caregivers, has raised $36 million in a new investment round led by Bedford Funding. Voalte last announced a round of funding back in late 2012 when it scooped up $6 million from an undisclosed health IT company and an undisclosed healthcare system.

Voalte also recently announced a deal with Motorola Solutions that moves Voalte's software beyond Apple's iOS and onto Android. As part of the deal, Voalte will offer its customers Motorola Solution's device MC40-HC, an Android smartphone built for the healthcare enterprise.

"Voalte chose Motorola’s MC40-HC healthcare-grade mobile computer for its stability, enterprise durability and built-in barcode scanner," the company stated. "The device provides a sustainable platform for the healthcare environment, including robust Wi-Fi connections that keep staff connected, security features that help meet patient privacy requirements, and remote management of devices and applications. The MC40-HC will support the Voalte One application, which combines voice calls, alarm and alert integration, and secure text messaging."

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While Voalte briefly flirted with a BlackBerry version of its software in 2010 -- just as adoption of Research In Motion's once popular mobile devices was nose-diving -- it has primarily focused on iOS devices from the very beginning.

Voalte's healthcare provider customers include Massachusetts General Hospital, Texas Children's Hospital, and Nebraska Medical Center among others, while its developmental partners include Cedars-SinaiSarasota Memorial Health Care System, and Huntington Medical Center. The company now claims to have about 35,000 clinician users on its platform each day -- up from the 20,000 users the company announced in October 2012. Voalte first launched its services in 2009 after its founding in late 2008 -- it now has 130 employees.

“We have signed contracts with large medical centers in major metropolitan areas as well as small community hospitals in areas as remote as Barrow, Alaska," Trey Lauderdale, Voalte's President, CEO, and founder stated. “And we still have hundreds of thousands of pagers, badges and legacy VoIP phones to replace in hospitals throughout the country. As the only provider of a complete mobile communication strategy, we are confident that our smartphone-based platform will revolutionize the healthcare communication industry.”


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