15 health and fitness apps Apple calls "essential"

By Aditi Pai
07:27 am

Argus logoThe Apple App Store launched a new collection of apps called Healthy Living Essentials this year. The list is made up of three different sections -- training, eating and progress -- with five apps in each section.

Some apps might look familiar because they were featured in Apple's list of best new health apps for 2014, but others are new to app store's wellness app collections. One significant move by Apple was including three vegetarian apps in its "eating" section of the collection. Also, more than half the apps are paid. In the "progress" section, Apple chose to include Nike+ Running, which was only unusual because Nike's other new app, Nike+ Move, uses Apple's M7 motion coprocessor, an important new component of Apple's newest smartphones.

MobiHealthNews has compiled the 15 apps from the App Store's Healthy Living Essentials list below.

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