Fitbit's app will be preloaded on all HTC One smartphones

By Aditi Pai

DistimoAndroid smartphone maker HTC announced this week that Fitbit's app will be preloaded on all HTC One smartphones.

Until this year, the Fitbit connected app was mainly useful to those that had a Fitbit activity tracker, but in January, the company announced that it added passive tracking to its iOS app, which uses Apple’s M7 motion coprocessor. Fitbit's app's passive tracking feature is called "Mobile Track" and it only tracks the user's basic activity levels.

With this announcement, HTC One becomes the only Android smartphone with Fitbit's passive tracking feature.

Fitbit also announced that its activity and sleep trackers, which used to sync with just 26 devices in January, now sync with 44 Android and iOS devices. Fitbit also announced that it has seen 1 million app downloads among Android users.

A recent study by app analytics firm Distimo found the Fitbit app made up 83 percent of downloads for the top five fitness tracker companion apps on Google Play in February 2014. Fitbit was compared against BodyMedia FIT, Jawbone's UP, Withings Health Mate, and Garmin Connect Mobile.

Similarly, Fitbit led this category in the Apple App Store with 72 percent of the downloads. The Apple App Store analysis also included downloads from the Nike+ FuelBand companion app, which had 9 percent of the downloads.